Urban and Real Estate Law

We advise and intervene in all areas of this branch of Law, ranging from advice on the investment of real estate in any part of Spanish territory, especially those located in the Canary Islands, as well as in the drafting and/or correction of the Public Deed to be signed before a Notary Public for the acquisition of said property, until the ownership changes and the management of the subsequent corresponding delegated payments are reached.

Our presence and advice will accompany you throughout the investment procedure, with the guarantee of being covered by a specialists and a comprehensive and unique service, backed by years of experience and dedication to this matter.

Our services comprise the following

1. Investigation and assessment of all the legal aspects of the property being bought, whether rustic or urban, as well as the viability of the transmission of the same.

2. Advice on the purchase and sale of real estate assets.

3. Drafting of the deposit, purchase, sale, termination and/or rental contract.

4. Preparation of the necessary documents to be able to present the Deed of Sale to the Notary Public.

5. We accompany and advise the client, in the event that you require an NIE or TIE number.

6. Representation and supervision of the Public Deed, offering our assistance in the Notary Public in order to check the draft of the Deed before proceeding to its signature.

7. Payment of all taxes derived from the transmission.

8. Change of ownership of all services, taxes and fees generated from the purchase and sale.

9. Advice in the process of obtaining a mortgage.

10. Follow-up of the cancellation of the charges (mortgage and the removal of embargoes on property) that could be encumbered by the property subject to investment.

11. Registration in the Land Registry of the properties acquired by means of a Public Deed of sale and purchase.

12. Delivery of documentation and final advice, which explains and advises the client/investor on the work carried out, the direct debits that have been made and the payments made on their behalf.

13. Management and obtaining the necessary permits and/or licenses to be able to register a property for vacation rental.

Our team has the active collaboration of an accountant and two architects who actively work with our office, which together with the personalised treatment provided, enable the client have all the legal, fiscal and technical coverage necessary for their investment.

In this matter, we also advise and process the legalisation of properties, Domain Records and Legalisation of works.

In this aspect we have the support of architects who will cover the technical part that these processes require, in order to assess the urban prescription, measurement of boundaries, modification of boundaries, domain records, etc …